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Now you can own and run your very own LocalsGuide hyperlocal magazine for Bend, Oregon. Create a lifestyle that works for you by earning more and working less. Help and support local business owners in your community while creating long-term, recurring, dependable income for yourself and your family.

*Act Today to secure your LocalsGuide Hyperlocal Magazine Franchise license and claim your exclusive local publication rights to Bend, Oregon.

** ONE LICENSE available for your territory. Once sold, this opportunity will be closed. 



What's In it for You?

Create Positive Media

Build Community

Make Money

Have Fun


HyperLocal Publishing Model

Introducing LocalsGuide, a fun and powerful hyperlocal magazine startup that you can launch in your own community in 30 days or less! Using our proprietary publishing systems, online training, automated billing, and smart marketing systems, LocalsGuide will guide you in working smarter, not harder, to become your own boss and the proud owner of your own highly profitable local magazine in Bend, Oregon!

A successful local micro startup media model is both community-driven and profitable!

Live a good life, have fun... share the abundance!

- Shields Bialasik - Founder & CEO

Bend, Oregon

Special Opportunity!

Hi, I’m Shields Bialasik, the creator of LocalsGuide. I am excited that you’re here and I thank you for your time. I’ve put together this in-depth page, but it really can’t cover everything that needs to be said. Please remember that ONLY 1 License will be sold. 

If you’re seriously interested, please don’t hesitate. Click the button below and set up a time to talk with me to see if this might be the right opportunity for you.

Shields Bialasik – Founder & CEO

Shields Bialasik



Absolutely! While running a local magazine entails some initial effort and investment of time, it’s a highly rewarding venture. The key lies in dedicating time to grasp the essential elements of magazine creation which includes:

  • Initial Business Setup
  • Magazine Sales 
  • Magazine Layout & Design
  • Business Management

The good news is that LocalsGuide provides comprehensive support & training throughout this learning process. With your commitment and diligence, success is not just an expectation – it’s a certainty. LocalsGuide is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your journey in the local magazine industry is both fulfilling and prosperous.

On average, the time investment for overseeing a LocalsGuide micro magazine ranges from 12 to 20 hours per month at the maximum. Additionally, once advertising space is sold, the turnover responsibilities are minimal to none. As you gain experience, you’ll find that the process becomes more streamlined and efficient, allowing you to manage your micro magazine with increasing speed.

LocalsGuide is ideal for individuals who value their community and strive to build sustainable prosperity. If you are determined to create a successful business, generate independent wealth, and contribute to the long-term growth of both yourself and your community, then this exciting opportunity is for you. By featuring and supporting local talents and businesses, you can not only earn a living but also play a key role in fostering lasting economic development and prosperity within your community. If the idea of building financial success while uplifting others aligns with your values, then this is the professional venture you have been searching for!

On average, your business setup and training will take less than two weeks, putting you right on target to start selling ads and getting your first issue published within 30 days or less!

Benefit 1
Unmatched Authority:

Become the go-to source for Local Marketing & Media
Establish yourself as a trusted authority in your community!

Locally Owned

Marketing Focused

Givers - Gain

Quality Not Quantity

Would you spend
$300 to earn

Local Marketing That Works!

Sell Ads Easily & Quickly

LocalsGuide's powerful Local Marketing Advantage makes selling advertising both easy to understand and quick to accomplish. Once all spots are sold... You're Set!

🛒 Sell Your Ads


Turn on Auto-billing

Run Your Publishing Routine


Enjoy Your Life!


MODULE 1: Overview & Ethos

Discover the powerful LocalsGuide ethos and culture that will empower you to establish an exceptional local franchisee. In the first module, we'll deliver a comprehensive breakdown of our unique business approach and the rationale behind it. We'll also delve into the underlying framework, future goals, and anticipated results for your local magazine franchise with LocalsGuide.


MODULE 2: Business Setup

Module two confidently covers the full scope of setup, maintenance, and management for all critical LocalsGuide systems, including state business registration, local licensing, website, email, phone, banking, voice mail and more.

What Locals Are Saying

I have been impressed with the LocalsGuide as a resource for the Rogue Valley Community and it has done wonders for my business. After my interview and ad I received over 40 client conversations, calls, and/or inquiries about my business just in the first 3 weeks! Now that’s effective advertising! 

Green House Cleaning

Eric G.

Ashland Greenhouses loves the connection we make with our community through the LocalsGuide. 

Ashland Greenhouses

Sarah - G

One of the main factors in the success of my new business is my work with the LocalsGuide. If you want to see your business grow, LocalsGuide is the way to go. 


Matt C.

The interview and adds I had in the LocalsGuide produced far more new clients for me than any other advertising than I have ever done. The interviews are a great way for people to get to know about you and the nature of your business in way that print adds alone could never do.

Animal Kind - Veterinary

Jeffery J, DVM

With one interview and two monthly ads I was set with work for over two years. That is how much of an impact three months with LocalsGuide gave me, I received 25 calls from the interview alone from people who were interested in my services.

Massage Therapist

Christopher N.

My recent feature in the LocalsGuide was a huge success! It gave me the opportunity to share in depth about myself and my healthcare approach, attracting many new patients and an overwhelmingly positive response from our community. Thank you LocalsGuide for providing an intimate and effective way for me to engage our community.


Dr. Casey

The LocalsGuide published a story about my piano business two years ago, and I am still receiving clients as a result of that article! I received five phone calls the day after the article appeared, and the requests have been occasional but continuous ever since. The LocalsGuide not only generates business, but builds community. I love reading about my neighbors, and everyone I know read that article about me! 

Music Instructor

Lisa R.

When Your Advertising Works Too Well...

PLEASE HELP ME: I cannot get my phone to stop ringing. I am a local dog walker… I can only walk 3 to 4 dogs at a time. I thought it would be a good idea to run an ad in the LocalsGuide to increase my business… I have had so many phone calls now I am afraid to answer my phone!!

Local Dog Walker

Alice W.

Benefit 2
Exclusive Content:

Local Content ensures that your publication stands out
with fresh, captivating, and valuable content & insights!

Build long term online equity with every new interview, and article you publish!

Hyperlocal Publishing Model

Never Write A Word?

What if we told you that you would never ever need to write a word that prints... unless you wanted?

Yes, introducing the LocalsGuide hyperlocal publishing model has you covered.

Local Media Matters

Local Business Columns

Local Interviews

Community Profiles

Local Podcasts & Webinars - BONUS


MODULE 3: Local Media Creation

Learn how to create compelling local media that genuinely represents the voice of your community. Utilize LocalsGuide as a robust publishing platform to support and enrich your community!


What does a publisher do?

This is the best job in the world...

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Working with a reluctant mate or spouse can present challenges and one needs to proceed lightly to find a balance and solution that meets both individuals needs. Taking over and imposing your reality on another is not going to fullfill your vision and there fore it is important to establish the basis for creating your Love Nest space by asking important questions such as: Is this a Love Nest for myself or for us?

For the majority of people around the world this is a reality. In the Love Nest Blueprint we talk about how to work within your existing space. How to organize it, claim in and work within it to embody the Love Nest principles. 

The process of creating a Love Nest is as much a state of mind and way of being as it is matched and paired with physical items. Relax, do your best and work within the reality of your situation. 

Benefit 3
Boost Your Influence:

LocalsGuide is committed to ensuring your success as a publisher offering you state of the art training and 24x7 availability.

Simple Design & Layout With:

Magazine School

The Fun Part of The Month

Step-By-Step Online Training

Easy to Use & Straightforward

Pre-made Templates & Designs

Expert Help & Advice

Build long term online equity with every new interview, and article you publish!


MODULE 4: Design & Layout

At LocalsGuide Magazine School, we will introduce you to the templates and programs you need to successfully design your monthly publication and take it to press.

Benefit 4
Automated Billing & Revenue

Never Chase A Past Due Payment

Bill Before You Print

Fully Automated System

Reports & Revenue Planning

Customer Management Made Easy

Billing on Autopilot

Monthly Income

As a LocalsGuide franchisee, you will receive full support from the network to earn and achieve a recurring source of dependable income, which is the number one goal for owning and running your own financially successful LocalsGuide franchise. Understanding the key aspects of billing routines, rate cards, email reminders, and expense planning and management are essential.

Billing Routines & Reminders

Rates Cards & Subscriptions

Email Templates & Reminders

Expense Management & Planning


MODULE 5: Local Sales & Billing

Discover effective strategies to identify your customer's dreams, position your publication for optimal sales, and enhance your underlying value proposition. Advertisers will be unable to resist securing their spot in the LocalsGuide. Trust us to elevate your publication to new heights of success.

Benefit 5
Work Independently, Anywhere:

Achieve the ideal work-life balance by working remotely or at a professional workspace. Create a flexible schedule that works for you!

Advertiser Exclusivity

Relationship Building

Local Market Mindshare

Expert Positioning

Expert Positioning

LocalsGuide interviews, articles and webinars position you as the local expert, all the while giving you a consistent and powerful local platform through which to reach your audience.

Attention & Engagement

Local readers give their highest attention to your monthly publication. They grow to love, trust and depend on it as a valuable resource guide.

The Riches are in the Niches...

We are not focusing on creating thousands... of useless magazines... NO, we are creating a limited edition of a highly sought after local resource guide.

Local Marketing Secrets Methods:


Plain and simple: We don't use tricks to hold the attention of our audience. We deliver superior content in a consistent manner exclusively for our advertisers resulting in the highest level of attention, consideration all the while capturing local mindshare.


Our unique model of Advertiser exclusivity ensures that your ad spaces stay valuable and filled.

Relationship Building

We build great relationships period! Customers get to know and trust advertisers. Advertisers experience successful marketing in LocalsGuide.


Long term consistent exposure captures the local mindshare leading to long term valuable positioning for local advertisers.


MODULE 6: Local Marketing Experts

LocalsGuide is a highly focused niche marketing machine that benefits both the local franchise owner and all the local businesses and advertisers who participate in this model. Learning how to understand and sell this value is essential to becoming a very successful LocalsGuide franchisee, and we will teach you every step of the way.

Benefit 6
Attention to Detail

Amplify your voice and impact in community by publishing
positive media that is interesting, engaging and valuable.

Never Under Estimate Profit Margin

Although some magazines may promote their extensive page count, we prioritize our valuable free time and strive for a profitable outcome.

Create A Superior Product

From Start To Finish

Printing your LocalsGuide Magazine on high-quality, double-sided glossy paper will set you apart from the pack with a high-value product that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


MODULE 7: Printing

Finding a printer who can produce your local publication will be key, but rest assured that we have you covered with a network of trustworthy printers.


MODULE 8: Distribution

Once your publication has been printed, it's time to get it out into the world. In this module, you will learn about LocalsGuide's distribution process. We will develop a routine and map that you can quickly and easily run each month to ensure that your LocalsGuide publication is always available for everyone.

Benefit 7
Unlock High Earning Potential:

Your income is based on the number of editions you operate, advertising rates, dedication to your business, and your ability to network in the local community.

Build long term online equity with every new interview, and article you publish!

Local Online Directory

Worldwide Audience

Attract a broader audience for your print publication by directing readers to your online Local Directory. Here, not only can you collect valuable email addresses, but you also have the opportunity to share exclusive interviews, articles, and features. Consider extending your reach by creating a local newsletter, allowing you to further build your email list. Additionally, seamlessly share compelling local content with both online social groups and a global audience, expanding your impact and engagement.

Clean & Organized Design

Easy To Manage & Maintain

Monetization Opportunities

24x7 Sales Availability


MODULE 9: Online Directory

Drive reader engagement from print to web and harness the full potential of the internet to expand your business. Capitalize on the opportunities presented by online monetization to elevate your LocalsGuide Magazine Franchise .

Women's Guide

Health & Wellness Guide

Green Guide

Artisan's Guide

Senior Living Guide

Kids & Teens Guide

Tourism Guide

Adventure Guide

Benefit 8
Exclusive Marketing Advantage

Be The One And Only

LocalsGuide Publisher For Your Area

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities

By becoming the official licensee of LocalsGuide, you join a community of dedicated individuals like yourself, all striving to enhance their communities. Our publishers are committed, hardworking, and devoted to crafting a superior publication that makes a positive impact.

JOIN Our Team - Win-Win-Win

Our commitment to your success is paramount. As we introduce enhancements in specific regions, you'll be the first to access them. Our Win-Win Approach ensures that all local licensees thrive, fostering maximum positive impact and profitability.

Why Bend, Oregon is a great location:

Bend, Oregon is a city that embraces and celebrates entrepreneurs! 

Bend Oregon is a town that celebrates Local. 

Bend, Oregon is building for the future.

Bend, Oregon embraces the benefits of high tech while maintaining a high quality of life. 

Bend, Oregon has a strong support for the arts including…

The Bend, Oregon business community is supported by a robust chamber of commerce which will plan an essential part in helping get you out into the community and introducing you to clients. 

Territory & Income

Claim & Grow

Only one license will be sold for the Bend Oregon Area and will also include distribution rights to Redmond and Prinville Oregon. 

Bend Oregon

Population 102,000 - Residents

Only ONE LICENSE Available


Bend, Oregon Territory Includes

Benefit 9
Get The Winning Advantage

Locally Focused & Hyperlocally Targeted

Audience Directed

Targeted Content

Local Market Mindshare

Expert Positioning

Independent Media

Become the local media mogul of your town by giving a voice to the people who matter. Recognize small businesses that make a difference and highlight interesting aspects that make a community great.

The Power of Free Local Publications:

Explore the impact of free local magazines! These publications, readily available professional offices, restaurants and high traffic locations around town , not only provide captivating content but also offer a golden opportunity for brand exposure.

Play The Long Game

Local Media Mogul

Don't rush into your endeavor, but rather pace yourself out. Work with the support of a long term plan which will guide you step-by-step to local media empire success.

Add New Guides As You Want to Grow

10 Additional Guides Ad-Ons

Expand Your Marketing Reach

Offer Interesting Community Insights

Address Important Community Interests


MODULE 10: Growing Your Guide

Learn how to keep your hard-earned money and maintain a steady income with our essential program. Our emphasis on profit margin, cash flow, and customer retention distinguishes us from other publishers who only focus on sales. We will assist you in optimizing your local magazine franchise by determining if it's preferable to expand and earn more or stay small and work less.

Benefit 10
Small But... Mighty

The 10 Big Myths TO AVOID About Local Magazines

1) Nobody Reads Print Anymore

Fact: You CAN engage audiences with print media. Print magazines are still widely read and greatly appreciated by people of all ages.

2) Community Magazines Don't Make Money

Fact: You CAN turn a local community magazine into a highly profitable business when priced and sold properly.

3) Local Media is Locally Owned

Fact: You CAN meet or match the interests or needs of a community, as a local person, better than the corporation that typically owns so-called local media.

4) You Need a lot of Advertisers to Make a Profit

Fact: You CAN make a nice profit in a local magazine, with fewer advertisements. You simply need an effectively-priced product with a strong value proposition.

5) You Need to Be A Writer or Journalist to Publish

Fact: You CAN create content for a successful local magazine without being a great editor, writer, or journalist. You simply need to know how to delegate, have good organizational skills, and have a plan to succeed.

6) You Need to Be a Designer To Put Together a Magazine

Fact: You CAN design and publish your own local magazine without a graphic design background. You simply need to hire out the design work or find an easy-to-use online program to help you do the work.

7) Printing is Complicated and Not Affordable

Fact: You CAN print your magazine in a simple, affordable, and accessible way. It’s possible to remotely publish your magazine, and then have it drop-shipped to a final location for distribution.

8) Creating Content Takes A Lot of Time

Fact: You CAN create content for your local magazine both quickly and easily.

9) There Is No Space for Me - Another Magazine Already Exists

Fact: You CAN create your own local magazine and succeed even if there are other local magazines in your town.

10) Magazines Are Hard To Make

Fact: You CAN have the life you want with plenty of free time and flexibility while publishing your own magazine. You will be your own boss and create your own schedule.

Could This Be The Right For You?

10 Reasons to Start

Your Own LocalsGuide

Start With A Good Plan

Stay focused on the most important tasks at hand. Save money, save time, and achieve your objectives by creating and adhering to a solid plan.

Find A Good Mentor

Surround yourself with experienced and supportive individuals. Then, take active steps towards developing your community magazine.

Discover Your Purpose

Use your magazine as a platform and venue to help and support the best that your community has to offer.

Claim Your Space

Empower local business owners and community members to have their own voice and to tell their own story through your hyperlocal community magazine.

Give Community A Voice

A world in which people can tell their own stories is a good world. Empower your community with a magazine that supports a diverse and unique voice.

Take Leadership

Become a local leader and make a difference in your community with your newfound voice and platform.

Have Freedom to Travel

You only need two things. A good laptop and stable internet connection. With these two things you can work from anywhere in the world.

Be Your Own Boss

Decide how and when you work. Spend time with your family. Set your own schedule and deadlines.

Assemble Your A Team

Set the standard of excellence for your community by acknowledging and celebrating outstanding achievements in business, leadership, and civic responsibility.

It’s Your Turn Now

Take it and run with it to build your own local magazine.

Let's Get Started

Schedule a Call

Talk to an expert and let's decide if this opportunity is right for you.

Claim Your City

Once you have an idea it is time to connect the dots and create a plan.

Online Training

With your plan in place it's time to roll Up Your Sleeves & Get the Job Done.

Start Publishing

Now that your Love Nest is created it is time to ritualize, personalize and grow.