City Guide PRO – iOS & Android App with Web Control Panel

Key Features

Introducing the City Guide PRO – iOS & Android App a dynamic location aware mobile guide app controlled and managed by a powerful online admin panel. City Guide PRO allows for you to instantly create your own custom guide app which you can update or modify anytime day or night. Continually provide your app users with the best and most relevant local information. Monetize your app with Google AdMob or upload your own banners.

Location Aware

This app is fully location aware allowing for world wide tracking and identification of app user location. App listings will then sort to display according to proximity. Distance can display in either Miles or KM. User are then able to request map directions directly to requested listing location.

What You Get:

This digital download provides you with all the files and tools necessary to quickly and easily setup your own location based mobile guide. Files include detailed documentation along with online admin panel, android app source code, app icons, and PSD files to create and customize your own city guide.

Admin Panel Features:


  • App Home Page
    • This is where you turn off and on categories to display in the app.
  • Map Categories
    • This is where you turn off and on categories to display in the map.


  • Add Categories
    • Ability to add unlimited categories.
  • Manage Categories
    • Dynamic management of categories.
  • Static Listings
    • Ability to create single page categories


  • Add Listings
    • Ability to add unlimited listings
  • Manage Listings
    • Manage all listings from here
  • Import Listings
    • Mass import listings into categories.


  • Manage Banners
    • Add custom banners to display through out the app or assign them individually into specific categories.

Dynamic Footer

  • Dynamic Footer
    • The dynamic footer allows for you to dynamically customize the footer of your app. Choosing to display Events, Deals, Maps and or Custom Categories. 


  • Miles or KM
  • Grid View or List View Dashboard
  • Google API Management
  • Google AdMOB Enabled or Run Your Own Custom Banners
Fun Icons

The City Guide Pro – iOS & Android app comes with a variety of colorful and fun app icons all available in our online app icon library.

Training & Support

We are proud to offer world class customer support & training.

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Web Control Panel

iOS Specs

Operating System

  • iOS 7.0.x
  • iOS 8.0.x
  • iOS 8.1.x

64 Bit Supported:

  • YES


  • .m
  • .nib
  • .xib
  • Layered PNG
  • Layered PSD

Integration Time:

  • 2:00 h

Android Specs

Operating System

  • Android 4.1.x
  • Android 4.2.x
  • Android 4.3.x
  • Android 4.4
  • Android 5.0
  • Eclipse
  • Minimum Android SDK Version 8
  • Google Maps Api Key
  • Target SDK Version 19


  • .apk
  • .dat
  • .db
  • .dex
  • .java
  • .xml
  • Layered PNG
  • Layered PSD

Integration Time:

  • 2:00 h

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