Day 3 – Elements of Local Guide Design

In today’s lesson, we will discuss the key elements of local guide design – graphical front-end design and internal content design. If you are using a hosted guide service, then you will not need to do much planning for design, because this will already have been done for you. The advantage here is that you can now place all your attention into content design and development.

If you are going to create your own front end design, then you need to design a custom UI (user interface), and perhaps even a back end admin panel. We provide a few samples on that you can work with. You can also hire an independent designer or design one yourself. Here are some suggested websites.

locals_guide_tokyoCity Guide UI Design

If you are going to take the time to design your own guide UI, then definitely make sure to explore and look at what other people are doing. There are thousands of interesting city guides available online for you to study. Each one takes an interesting approach to how they deliver and guide users through information.

If you are looking for specific template ideas, make sure to check out our Pinterest account for a collection of cool city guide designs.

Some specific design considerations you will need to make will involve how you will work with the header, the footer, photos, and the category, subcategory and listing views. You will then also have to decide how you want to guide users through your app. Will it be linear in delivery, or circular with duplicate articles showing in multiple categories? Will you cover one city, or multiple cities? If you are creating a regional app, then what will you include?

TIP: One of the best tips we can offer is to keep it simple. Create your base template, and then publish additional sub guides from there. Don’t try to jam it all into one app. Users will get lost in the mountain of content and you will devalue the app. Users are also happy to pay for small highly focused guides.

multi_app_management_locals_guideDesign To Grow

One of the key features we built into the LocalsGuide Hosted app system is Multi-Guide App Management. We realized people would want to build more than one app. For example, someone building a city guide could also publish an independent hiking guide, walking tours guide, winery guide, mountain bike guide or sports guide. All the guides are related, yet function as independent and individual apps. The public can individually download and install guides. In the LocalsGuide Hosted app system, we have built in an added feature which allows users to easily navigate between the multiple guides when chosen.

Beware of Overbuildinglocals_guide_city_app

City guide design requirements are directly related to city guide content. Pay close attention to both and how they work together to create a harmonious city guide. If you have a family of six people, you don’t want to get a car that can only fit two people. Design and build your guide to fit the demands while also keeping it practical and within reason. Often times local guides are over built. Plan, develop, and grow your guide app over time.


Tip: – Long Term Planning + Rapid Execution = Success
Take the appropriate time to plan your app all the way through. Once you have a solid plan in place, apply yourself fully to action.


In tomorrow’s free lesson, we will continue to explore elements of local guide design with a detailed look at content design and planning.

To Your Local Guide Success!
Team LocalsGuide