Location Aware Apps For Customers

Now more than ever consumers around the world want to know about what’s happening with your business. LocalsGuide builds and creates awesome location aware mobile apps which engage your customers, keeping them both up-to-date and aware of all you have to offer. Our system allows for you to dynamically manage and provide real time geo locational results to your most valuable clients.

What You Can Do:

  • Grow a Responsive Customer Base
  • Geo Targeted Notifications
  • Easily Inform and Update
  • Survey and Monitor Your Clients
  • Internal Reviews & Feedback
  • Become Part of Customer Lifestyle
  • Promote Your Social Profile
  • Increase Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Raise Brand Awareness

Location Aware Customers…

  • Care
  • Are Well Informed
  • Want To Know About You
  • Expect to Be Kept Up-To-Date

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