Location Aware Apps For Employees

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Owning and managing a dynamic business requires the ability to keep on the go with your employees and staff. LocalsGuide builds and creates awesome location aware mobile apps which engage your employees, keeping them both up-to-date and aware of all your business activity. Dynamically manage, communicate and track the progress of your employees from on site locations to around the world.

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What You Can Do:

  • Build & Promote Company Culture
  • Send Priority Notifications & Updates
  • 100% Secure & Private
  • Trainings & Manuals
  • Improved Communication
  • Company Localization
  • Ease of Use & Mobility
  • 24×7 Availability
  • Centralized Communication


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Location Aware Employees…

  • Are Up-to-Date
  • Quickly & Easily Respond to Change
  • See and Create Opportunity


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Empower your employees with the location aware technology that will keep your company on the move.

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