What Makes Your Place Unique?

Enhance mobile users’ sense of place through the use of location aware guide apps. Geo tag and highlight important landmarks, historical references, maps, and directions. Direct attention to the qualities of your location that make your places both special and unique.

The LocalsGuide location aware app system helps you to quickly build and deploy multiple place specific guide apps. Continually manage, update and share new and exciting information that keeps mobile users informed and aware of nearby opportunities.

What You Can Do

  • Location Aware Maps
  • Location Aware Editorial Content
  • Proximity Based Results
  • User Submitted Content
  • Internal Reviews & Feedback

User Profile

  • Depends on Accurate Information
  • Appreciates Real Time Updates
  • Interested in Exploring
  • Open to Learning
  • Makes Choices Based On Your Suggestions

Sample Usage

  • Shopping Malls
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • City & Travel Guides
  • Tours

Take Them Behind The Scenes

Create a location aware app that takes users behind the scenes to experience and glimpse into the unique opportunities you have to offer.

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