What Type of Experience Will Your App Create?

location based experience

Make your upcoming event more than a memory.  Launch a location aware mobile app that creates a lasting experience!

Easily create and manage your mobile app from the web based online control panel. Assign predefined geo fenced notifications, updates and specials. Track and monitor internal reviews, feedback and geo centric data customer data.

At LocalsGuide we specialize in location based venue solutions. We help you design and create awesome mobile applications.

What You Can Do:

  • Real Time Updates
  • Real Time Tracking & Analytics
  • Geo Fenced Notifications
  • Internal Customer Review
  • Ping Participant Density
  • Survey & Feedback
  • Stay in Touch
  • User Profile:

    • Well Informed
    • Values Convenience
    • Appreciates Up-To-Date Info
    • Demonstrates Long Term Loyalty

    Sample Uses:

  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Celebrations
  • Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Annual Gatherings
  • Creation of a Powerful Experience

    Venues that utilize location aware technology empower participants to shape and form their own long term experiences.

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