Monthly Business Columns

10 Ways To Demonstrate Expertise With A Monthly Business Column

1) Write a Product Review:
Hey guys, I just brought in an amazing new product and I want to tell you all about it.

2) Share Customer Testimonials:
This month we received an amazing letter from one of our customers that I feel captures the spirit and essense of our business. Here it is…

3) Hold a Contest:
Attention all customers… Get ready to enter our Third Annual Store Wide Contest!

4) Employee Recognition:
Hats off to our employee Barbara. This month she answered over 100 phone calls without even complaining.

5) Share a News Update:
This just out, our store will be partnering with this other great organization to do these great things.

6) Spread Some Store Gossip:
Have you heard about the new expansion that we might be doing? Stay tuned…

7) Tell a Story:
You won’t believe who walked into our store today here in Ashland… Lady Gaga!!

8) Create a Top Ten List:
Here is a top ten list of things to purchase on your next visit to our shop.

9) Recogize a Special Customer:
Teddy Bear you’re the best! Thanks for being our favorite customer.

10) Share your column with a Non-Profit:
This month’s column is being donated to this local non-profit because we believe in and support what they do.

11) Endorse a Fundraiser
We wanted to let everyone know that our business is sponsoring this 5th annual event. It’s a way for our business to get involved with community and show that we really care.

Shields Bialasik

Shields Bialasik is an entrepreneur and pioneer of location aware marketing. As a self proclaimed 'Hyperlocal Media Mogul' Shields has extensive experiences in both print and mobile marketing platforms. He is the CEO and Founder of LocalsGuide LLC.

One Comment

  1. #1 should be: Send out a press release to local media – especially your local business publications.

    We are always looking for new stories about local businesses and if you can make it easy for us – it is even better. Send us your news releases and we’ll get them posted for you.

    Business publications like Bellevue Business Journal are always looking for subject matter experts to write ongoing columns about business subjects. You are in business – write about what you know. And do it consistently so readers continue to see your name and read your great ideas. Do it. Now.

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