10 Ways To Demonstrate Expertise With A Monthly Business Column

1) Write a Product Review:
Hey guys, I just brought in an amazing new product and I want to tell you all about it.

2) Share Customer Testimonials:
This month we received an amazing letter from one of our customers that I feel captures the spirit and essense of our business. Here it is…

3) Hold a Contest:
Attention all customers… Get ready to enter our Third Annual Store Wide Contest!

4) Employee Recognition:
Hats off to our employee Barbara. This month she answered over 100 phone calls without even complaining.

5) Share a News Update:
This just out, our store will be partnering with this other great organization to do these great things.

6) Spread Some Store Gossip:
Have you heard about the new expansion that we might be doing? Stay tuned…

7) Tell a Story:
You won’t believe who walked into our store today here in Ashland… Lady Gaga!!

8) Create a Top Ten List:
Here is a top ten list of things to purchase on your next visit to our shop.

9) Recogize a Special Customer:
Teddy Bear you’re the best! Thanks for being our favorite customer.

10) Share your column with a Non-Profit:
This month’s column is being donated to this local non-profit because we believe in and support what they do.

11) Endorse a Fundraiser
We wanted to let everyone know that our business is sponsoring this 5th annual event. It’s a way for our business to get involved with community and show that we really care.

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