10 Tips for Creating – Powerful & Personal Print Interviews – Part 1

The creation of a strong print interviews can mean the difference between an interview that sells and an interivew that doesn’t. Here are a few tips and tricks to implement when writing your next print interview.

1) Demonstrate Expertise With Examples

As they say, talk is cheap so make sure to include real life examples, stories, and testimonials into your interview which demonstrate you know what you are doing.

2) Use A Qualifying Statement

Jimmy Kolker, owner of the Blue Giraffe Spa, did it best in his column last month.

“I am not a licensed massage therapist, nor am I an expert in body mechanics, but I do own a spa, and have received hundreds of massages. In fact, due to lower back problems starting in my 20s, I have had the full gamut of different kinds of massages and bodywork for over 40 years. So, I thought I would pass along my secret to having a “great massage”.

3) Play It Cool

Have you ever notice that individuals doing highly challengeing things often times make it look very simple. Sometimes trying too hard can actually make an interview repel readers. My best advice is to be yourself and relax.

4) Leave Room For The Mystery

The best interview questions always open doors to which more questions can be asked.Remember to leave a little bit of mystery in your answer. An unanswered question can draw your audience in just a little bit closer and create more curiosity.

5) Tell a Story

Aesop knew this best. All great lessons are taught through stories.

6) Prequalify Your Prospects

I saw this once demonstrated in a four page interview which I printed about a very unique form of counseling. Though the interview was not boring, it certainly was very technical and covered layers of nuance that anyone who maintained an interest by the fourth page would surely have been an ideal candidate. Identify who your ideal client is and then write for them. If you want a rocket scientist, write a manual for them.

7) Use a Conversational Voice

Remember to relax and write your interview with a conversational voice. Did you know that marketers intentionally write sales copy that have spelling errors and slang? Why do they do this? Because your friends write emails to you just like this all the time.

8) Be Interesting

Here is the most obvious and most basic tips of all. You need to be interesting. If you are not you will not attract the attention you desire let alone hold it. “How can I be interesting?” (see the next point)

9) Make a Personal Disclosure

Oftentimes some of the most interesting things to read about in a persons life are the unncessary personal disclosures or commentary. These comments and statements ellude to outside connections which pull and hold a readers curiosity.

10) What Is The End Goal?

One of the first questions I like to ask is “What is your goal”. Are we conducting the interview to get more clients? increase public awarness? convey or share a message? Behind every interview can be a specific intent. Think about what you are wanting to accomplish and then use the steps above create a great interview.


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