Why Create Your Own City Guide?

Mobile Guides Save Trees

City guides lend themselves as a great self-employment and community-building opportunity. Some of the most popular uses of city & local guides include: niche city and town guides, regional travel and tourism guides, walking and audio tours, and historical and speciality guide apps. Your city guide can be as large or as small as you like. Thousands of people all around the world have successfully created their own mobile city guides already. As a world leader in city guide creation, we want to help and inspire you in you every step of way.

Here are 8 great reasons for why you should consider creating your own city guide as your next business venture:

Reason 1: Locals Know Best

As a local, you already know more than most, which is why making a local city guide app is completely within the realm of possibility. You have all the local resources at your disposal: websites, radio, newspapers, magazines, and most importantly, friends and neighbors who can provide you with important local feedback and information for creating your own local guide.

Reason 2: Build The Future You Want See

Imagine a mobile guide which provides you with all the most relevant and valuable local information, such as news, events, hikes, restaurants, shopping and beyond. You can create a city guide today that will inspire people to see and learn the best about the community in which you live! Why sit back and watch what others will do to create the future when you can create it yourself!

Reason 3: Promote Local Tourism

While some travelers may not be as concerned with getting away from the traditional tourist traps and distant guide experiences, more and more people are looking for ways to travel like a local. Your custom city guide apps can offer this opportunity to visitors from around the world coming to visit your town or city. In return, you will play an active role in helping to support your local economy and increase local tourism.

Reason 4: An Amazing Business Opportunity

Mobile city guides offer an exciting opportunity for you to fully unleash your entrepreneurial potential. The best part is you are in full control. Be your own boss, work late or take the day off. Your guide can be as small or as big as you decide. From design and creation to marketing and promotion, you are 100% in control. The freedom found from your newfound city guide business will keep you inspired to grow and create even more guides!

Reason 5: Build a Local Referral Network

Despite large tourism guides and online directories, locals still depend on one another to keep up-to-date and get the most current and valuable local information. Closely guarded locals’ only secrets are often times only discovered via a direct local connection or word-of-mouth referral. However, niche hyperlocal city guides offer a more up close and intimate exploration of local treasures previously unshared with the general public.

Reason 6: Mobile Guides Save Trees

Mobile city guides not only decrease the amount of waste material and pollution used in traditional print guides, maps, brochures and magazine, but they also offer a healthier, more efficient means of communication and networking. Online mobile city guides save trees, and with over 42% of the world’s trees dedicated to paper production, we could use some more mobile city guides.

Reason 7: Easy to Do and Maintain

Regardless of your skill level, city guide creation and maintenance can be easily learned and maintained by most. Advanced online control panels allow for quick updates, along with advanced features and services for city guide application users. Users often report that city guide research and setup is one of the most enjoyable parts of the city guide creation. You can then choose to continue to build more city guides while you hire out the maintenance and routine updates of your original guide.

Reason 8: An Opportunity to Give Back and Help Others

Putting together and growing a great guide takes time and effort, but its impact can reach far and wide, bringing attention to things overlooked by larger guides and directories for lack of monetary standing. Cultural and historical city guide apps create timeless enjoyment and value. City guide creations gives you the purpose and authority to meet and network with countless members of your community who will appreciate and support your contribution.

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