You Are Always Marketing – Be Intentional About It!

Written by Shields Bialasik

Over the past 9 years of running the LocalsGuide we have had the opportunity to work with and help hundreds of local businesses owners. The experience has been vast and each opportunity has presented
itself as a unique and interesting marketing challenge.

So what is marketing and why does your business need to do it?

To begin with, marketing is the continual iteration of a message which shapes
and forms public perception and drives choice.

Marketing is a very intentional and carefully deployed message.

Expert marketer Dan Kennedy refers to marketing as the “softening of your prospect.”
Marketing takes customers through a psychological process of addressing objections, questions and concerns so that when it is time to choose, they choose you.


When a business approaches us about advertising in the LocalsGuide,
we always ask them what their local marketing plan is. Without a plan
actions taken will be random and fragmented.

Secondly recognizing that you are always marketing, whether it’s yourself, your business, your services or your perception – whether you intend it or not. These messages continually shape perception and drive choices.

Examples of Message Include:

  • I am honest and reliable.
  • I am punctual and detail oriented.
  • I am friendly and approachable.
  • I have resources and capacity to go above and beyond.
  • I have friends and allies.
  • I have experience.
  • You can get exactly what you want with us.
  • You are always marketing something, so be intentional about!

LocalsGuide was created as a marketing medium that goes far and beyond what an ordinary newspaper or online media source can provide. Business owners who have engaged the LocalsGuide opportunity make the most of their local marketing.

Marketing your business with LocalsGuide is like chumming the waters, pulling out your biggest net and having an expert guide take you to the right place at the right time.

For those who prefer to market by luck or chance… good luck fishing in a very large ocean with a tiny hook and worm!

Remember: choosing to send no message is also a message.
Actively Engage Your Marketing And Win!

About the author

Shields Bialasik

Shields Bialasik is an entrepreneur and pioneer of location aware marketing. As a self proclaimed 'Hyperlocal Media Mogul' Shields has extensive experiences in both print and mobile marketing platforms. He is the CEO and Founder of LocalsGuide LLC.