Basic Elements of Great Local Guide Apps

Basic Elements of Great Local Guide Apps

You want to make your guide the best source of information out there for travelers who want to learn about your town and what it has to offer. In order to do this there are several basic elements that your guide should follow.

Organize like your life depends on it…

What with technology constantly evolving and the population always a few steps behind you want to make your city guide as easy to use as possible. This all comes down to organization. You need to separate all of your content into categories and subcategories that make sense. Your app should be a clear pathway through the forest of information and not a potholed overgrown deer trail. Travelers want something easy to use, so do your best to appeal to that need.

Interesting Content

You want your app to be engaging and interesting. Keep your information short and sweet, no long-winded explanations about a historical tree. You want to include just the most interesting facts and bits of trivia that only a local would know. It’s a good idea to include a link to another website that has more information, this way people can choose to learn more.

Remember to double check your content! Be sure that it is true, relevant, and up-to-date. This is crucial when it comes to contact information. Check out the websites of different businesses and be sure that the phone numbers and addresses are correct. Make sure you update any information that is time sensitive, such as theater and venue showtimes.

Engaging Photos

Not only do you want your app to have good information you want appealing images to excite your app users. Perhaps they weren’t too excited about going to that park but then they saw the picture of the giant sequoia tree tucked away near the Japanese Garden and they immediately jumped in their car. You want to choose photos of good quality and that best show off your city. When travelers see the beauty of your town they will want to experience for themselves and that’s what photos are for.

Location, location, location…

Say you’re traveling and you’ve heard a lot about this specific beach that you want to check out, but you’re having a really hard time finding directions. When you finally learn how to get there you discover that the drive is almost three hours long and it’s already noon. There goes your plan for a picnic on the beach. Now, imagine the same scenario but instead you whip out your phone and find the beach with the help of a city guide. The creators of the app were helpful enough to give you directions to this magical place, and with the location aware setting on your phone you’re able to see that, with little traffic, you can be at the beach in just under three hours. You pack up your picnic and head out.

This is why finding the correct addresses is extremely important. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find a restaurant or a cool store and not being able to find the address. There are also many places where you can find the latitude and longitude of areas that may not have addresses. Google Maps is a great resource as well as If you are creating an app about outdoor recreation will be a huge help. Your app is going to be traveler’s local tour guide they keep in their pocket, so you want them to see where all the local trails, parks, and scenic drives are with the little to no searching.

Why Create Your Own City Guide?

City guides lend themselves as a great self-employment and community-building opportunity. Some of the most popular uses of city & local guides include: niche city and town guides, regional travel and tourism guides, walking and audio tours, and historical and speciality guide apps. Your city guide can be as large or as small as you like. Thousands of people all around the world have successfully created their own mobile city guides already. As a world leader in city guide creation, we want to help and inspire you in you every step of way.

Here are 8 great reasons for why you should consider creating your own city guide as your next business venture:

Reason 1: Locals Know Best

As a local, you already know more than most, which is why making a local city guide app is completely within the realm of possibility. You have all the local resources at your disposal: websites, radio, newspapers, magazines, and most importantly, friends and neighbors who can provide you with important local feedback and information for creating your own local guide.

Reason 2: Build The Future You Want See

Imagine a mobile guide which provides you with all the most relevant and valuable local information, such as news, events, hikes, restaurants, shopping and beyond. You can create a city guide today that will inspire people to see and learn the best about the community in which you live! Why sit back and watch what others will do to create the future when you can create it yourself!

Reason 3: Promote Local Tourism

While some travelers may not be as concerned with getting away from the traditional tourist traps and distant guide experiences, more and more people are looking for ways to travel like a local. Your custom city guide apps can offer this opportunity to visitors from around the world coming to visit your town or city. In return, you will play an active role in helping to support your local economy and increase local tourism.

Reason 4: An Amazing Business Opportunity

Mobile city guides offer an exciting opportunity for you to fully unleash your entrepreneurial potential. The best part is you are in full control. Be your own boss, work late or take the day off. Your guide can be as small or as big as you decide. From design and creation to marketing and promotion, you are 100% in control. The freedom found from your newfound city guide business will keep you inspired to grow and create even more guides!

Reason 5: Build a Local Referral Network

Despite large tourism guides and online directories, locals still depend on one another to keep up-to-date and get the most current and valuable local information. Closely guarded locals’ only secrets are often times only discovered via a direct local connection or word-of-mouth referral. However, niche hyperlocal city guides offer a more up close and intimate exploration of local treasures previously unshared with the general public.

Reason 6: Mobile Guides Save Trees

Mobile city guides not only decrease the amount of waste material and pollution used in traditional print guides, maps, brochures and magazine, but they also offer a healthier, more efficient means of communication and networking. Online mobile city guides save trees, and with over 42% of the world’s trees dedicated to paper production, we could use some more mobile city guides.

Reason 7: Easy to Do and Maintain

Regardless of your skill level, city guide creation and maintenance can be easily learned and maintained by most. Advanced online control panels allow for quick updates, along with advanced features and services for city guide application users. Users often report that city guide research and setup is one of the most enjoyable parts of the city guide creation. You can then choose to continue to build more city guides while you hire out the maintenance and routine updates of your original guide.

Reason 8: An Opportunity to Give Back and Help Others

Putting together and growing a great guide takes time and effort, but its impact can reach far and wide, bringing attention to things overlooked by larger guides and directories for lack of monetary standing. Cultural and historical city guide apps create timeless enjoyment and value. City guide creations gives you the purpose and authority to meet and network with countless members of your community who will appreciate and support your contribution.

Building the Perfect City Guide

So, you want to create your own city guide but you don’t know where to start. By creating your own city guide, you are giving travelers the opportunity to become a local while they explore all your city has to offer. Your city guide app can become the go-to tour guide that tourists keep in their back pocket.

But how do you turn your idea into reality? The best way to create a great city guide is by focusing on these three areas: Content, Research, and Photos.

Here a few things to remember while creating the perfect city guide.

Find & Create Great Content

When choosing your topic, make sure it is interesting and that people want it. Don’t create your city guide around local tea shops if there are only two in your town. Find a subject that has a lot of content in it, like hiking trails and walking paths, wineries & vineyards, museums and art galleries. City guides that encourage visitors to explore win!

Add Tips & Trivia

Next, add tips and trivia that only a locals would know to make your app more appealing. Travelers want to get away from the crowds of tourists and your app will give them that opportunity.

Make it Fun & Intuitive

When creating your content you want to be meticulously organized. Separate your content into categories and then subcategories that make sense. You want your app users to be able to find everything without a problem. The key is to make your city guide easy to navigate and intuitive to your users.

Start Broad & Zoom In

When you organize your content into categories and subcategories, be sure they make sense. Always start broad in topic and then narrow in. Foe example, start by making broad categories such as Restaurants, Lodging, and Shopping. From here you can create specific subcategories which go into further detail. You can then get even more specific when add your listings into each of these categories.


• French Cuisine
• Italian Cuisine
• Thai Cuisine

• Bed & Breakfast
• Camping
• Hotels

• Clothing
• Jewelry
• Toys

Once you get into a routine of finding and organizing great content for your local city guide app, you won’t want to stop, so keep going until you’ve covered all the bases. App consumers will be very impressed with the high-quality information your app holds, and you might even want to consider selling some information as in-app purchases.

Research Your App Content

Once you’ve chosen your topic, it’s time to jump into research. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but you can do it! When it comes to research, you need to pick out the most interesting facts and only the most interesting. Your app consumers want quick information at their fingertips, and that’s what you need to give them. Your job is to be the guide, so that means doing the required research to keep your users on track.

When doing your research, double check to make sure that your information is correct. Also, check outside sources to make sure that all information is consistent. Sometimes this might require a phone call to business to inquire about summer or holiday hours. Often times, local business owners become overwhelmed with their day-to-day work and forget to keep their websites up-to-date.

Finally, make sure to include all essential contact information, addresses, directions and details that help your app users in making the most of your guide.

Phone: +01 541-482-4713
Address: P.O. Box 3088 Ashland Oregon 97520 – USA


Include Locals’ Tips

If you feel inspired, take your app a step further and include a selection of great local tips.

Local Guide Tip: Consider renting a moped to get downtown. Traffic can be heavy and parking difficult.

Local Guide Tip: This cafe tends to be a favorite of local school students. Going in the early morning is the best time to frequent if you are wanting to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

You want to include the types of things that only a local would know. Draw from your own experience or talk to other locals to get great ideas.

Use Government & Nonprofit Websites

Government and nonprofit websites are a great resource for finding local guide information. Most government information is public domain, so you can use it freely. Read through their websites and collect the most interesting facts.

These websites usually have great tips and trivia questions.

If your app is on wildlife and you are having a hard time finding information, Wikipedia works for basic descriptions and behaviors. If you’re doing a birding app, you could research local birding resorts or talk to birders in your area.

Have Great Photos

Photos are going to make your app stand out from the others. Therefore you want to be very particular about what photos you use. If you have specific shots in mind or you don’t want to pay for photos, we recommend that you take the photos yourself. However, if you don’t have the right camera or the necessary skills, consider hiring a photographer or buying photos off the Internet. You can find good deals on stock photo websites, and you can use most pictures off of government websites without having to pay.

Recommended Stock Photo Site:

Consider taking the photos yourself, if you have the means. This will be more cost-effective and way more fun. Another option is to connect with your community and find locals who have photos they’re willing to donate or sell for a reasonable price.

Once you’ve collected your photos, be sure that they are of the highest quality possible. Otherwise the photos will come out pixelated or squashed, which looks very unprofessional.

Remember, you want your app to stand out, so keep that in mind when you choose your photos. Pick pictures that are professional and appealing; you want consumers to be drawn into your app and the photos you choose will help.

With the right amount of planning and hard work, you can create the perfect city guide for your town or city. If have any questions, please post them below.

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